A Thug Is Born (Vol 1. Child/Hood; Vol. 2 Sex, Money & by Thug Love,Ileana Cordova Esq.

By Thug Love,Ileana Cordova Esq.

Lil Mack takes over the area during this vintage story of intercourse, funds & Murda. Witness him cross from chain snatcher to pimp to drug broker to assassin to crime lord to America's such a lot desired to prisoner to gangster to millionaire to ruler of the area. sooner than Lil Mack can achieve global domination he needs to event all struggles of the ghetto to reproduce his infamous personality.

A Thug Is Born is a primary of its type the place mystery meets road crime fiction. Take a trip to the underworld the place hell is its basically blueprint and emerging to the pinnacle is the single technique of survival. See why this booklet took thirteen years too whole. eventually a singular the place the undesirable man wins it all.

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